2015 Christmas Jewelry Deadline Wednesday!

To say that the response to our new 901 Collection jewelry line has been strong would be an understatement! As we've mentioned before, we are hand making every piece of 901 Collection jewelry, a process that takes a pretty good bit of time. Because we want to make absolutely certain that we are able to fill all of the orders being placed during this busy holiday season, we've decided that we need to set a specific deadline for jewelry orders. 

With that in mind, if you want to have beautiful, handmade 901 Collection jewelry under your tree this year, you need to get the order placed by 9:00pm on Wednesday, December 9th! That is this Wednesday. For all of you last-minute shoppers, that means your "last minute" is approaching quickly! The deadline for purchasing all other in-stock items for Christmas delivery will remain Thursday, December 17th. This new deadline applies only to the 901 Collection jewelry.

We've gotten a lot of emails asking when we will have certain other items back in stock. We expect to be able to update inventory levels of our Retro Red, Chalky Mint Aztec, Chalky Mint Floral, Navy Solid, Navy Paisley, 901 Grey Solid and 901 Grey Aztec later this week, when we get approximately 325 fresh shirts from our printer! We've already set the sizes we expect to receive to allow pre-orders.

If you're trying to buy the Retro Red in XXL, either Navy in L or either Grey in S or M, it looks like it will be January before we're able to get them from our supplier and get them printed, which is why we have not turned on the pre-order function for those items. We're sorry for the delay, and we wish nothing more than to be able to get them to you sooner! 

Later this week we expect to have exciting news about a return trip to Carriage Crossing sometime between now and Christmas! Stay tuned for more details.

We thank you all for the enthusiasm you've shown the 901 Collection jewelry, and look forward to a wonderful holiday season with you all! 

-- Team 901 Collection 


Oh yeah! I promised we'd get back into the habit of giving you a little gift in our blog updates. Go use "XMASJewelry" at checkout and save 20% on our entire line of 901 Collection Jewelry! Remember, deadline for pre-Christmas delivery is Wednesday night!