Fall is here, and the holidays are around the corner!

While we may have endured 6 days of unending drizzle to get there, there is no doubt Fall has arrived in Memphis! If the weather wasn't enough to confirm it, our beloved Grizzlies are back in action, so all is right with the world! Can we take a second and just marvel at what a great time this is to be in Memphis? The weather is perfect (and perfect for long sleeved t-shirts), the UofM football team is undefeated and the Grizzlies season is under way. April and May are special, but October and November are going to give them a run for their money this year! We digress...

As we all indulge in our Halloween festivities, the 901C team has been hard at work planning for the upcoming holiday season! We will have more information for you as we get closer to Thanksgiving, but we suggest you stay tuned for some great new products that will be perfect for the Memphis enthusiast on your holiday list! 

Another Friday means that we got another new batch of shirts in! If you missed it, our printer provided some pretty neat footage of our Navy Solid shirts coming off the press, which we posted to Twitter this afternoon. We will be getting these 75 shirts added to our online inventory this weekend, so check back for in-stock updates over the next day or so! Generally speaking, if it is in-stock, it will ship out the morning after you order it (if not sooner)! We will also be delivering about 100 more shirts to our printer on Sunday, and hope to have even more of our shirts replenished this time next week! 

You may have noticed that we didn't get a chance to post last Friday, and that is because we were out enjoying the crowd and selling shirts at TN Whiskey Festival. We always enjoy the opportunity to get out and meet you all face-to-face, and are actively looking for more events between now and Christmas. If you have any suggestions - whether about events, products, things we should blog about, etc. - please drop us a line at 901Collection@gmail.com! Speaking of hearing from you, nothing makes our day more than seeing these pop up in our Twitter mentions, so please keep sharing!

We know a lot of you are wondering when the 1/4 zip pullover you ordered will be shipped, and here's what we can tell you: we're hoping to ship them next week! As always, our ability to ship depends on our ability to get the finished product in hand, but as soon as they get to us, we will turn them around to you! Also, you're going to want to keep an eye out for the hooded sweatshirt design we're working on. It is going to be really sharp. We actually just got the un-printed sweatshirts in, and they are so soft that we can't wait to be able to wear them ourselves! 

We appreciate all of your support, feedback and enthusiasm, and look forward to another great week! You know I don't like sending you away empty handed, so if you are still reading, go put that shirt or sweatshirt you've been eyeballing into the cart and use promo code "Halloween15" for a little gift from #Team901C to you! 

Happy Halloween!

901 Collection