New Rule: Free Shipping on Orders over $50. Every day.

It has been quite a week here at We continue to be flattered - if occasionally overwhelmed - by the response to our shirts. Never could we have imagined that just three weeks into this venture, our biggest struggle would be to keep up with demand! We are incredibly grateful to you for that - if not for you taking the time to share our designs, tweets, Facebook posts, etc., we couldn't have the success we've enjoyed thus far.

When we sat down to talk this week about some new designs, new products (oh, is going to be so good) and ideas about how to provide even better customer service, we talked a lot about our own experiences as online consumers. One thing we all agreed on is that paying for shipping is the worst part of online buying - well, except the eager anticipation of your new shirt's arrival.

While we would love nothing more than to provide free shipping on everything, every day, we're just starting out in this project and we just can't quite do it yet. What we can do, however, is make it worth your while to go ahead and grab that other shirt you really like too, while you're here. With that in mind, starting now, all orders over $50 will be shipped for free!  We hope you'll continue to spread the word about what we're doing here, and that soon we will be able to offer free shipping on every order, period! 

One thing we've learned these first few weeks is that the high-quality Comfort Colors shirts that we choose for are in major demand all across the country, and that we are at that mercy of supply for some of our designs. Since we don't know how long it will be before some of our shirts are available, and we don't want you to order something we don't have in stock (and may not for some time), we've marked down some designs in our newly added "Sale" collection. These designs are being "retired" (think Michael Jordan a la 1993) until we are able to ensure a consistent supply to fill your orders in a reasonable amount of time. We just wouldn't feel right asking you to wait 6-8 weeks to get them in your hands, and so we won't make more available until we know we're when we're going to be able to get them! 

On the flip side, we just received another fresh batch of shirts tonight, and are busily folding them to fulfill outstanding orders. Tonight alone we're shipping out 17 orders! We know some of you are still waiting, and as soon as our printer can get them to us, we will have them to you! 

If you aren't already, make sure you follow us on social media. We can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This week we crossed the 901-follower mark on Twitter - in just 19 days, amazingly - and celebrated by holding a 9.01% off flash sale with a promo code we broadcasted via the twitter feed. If you're not following us on those sites, you're missing out on some great promo codes and giveaways. 

Last but not least, while I can't give away all the details about our new product lines just yet, I can tell you that (a) we've heard your requests for 901 Collection designs for your Little Bear, and (b) we've noticed that its getting to be sweatshirt weather too. If you catch my drift. Stay tuned to next week, as we hope to roll out some new things for you! 

Oh, by the way, to reward you for having just read this entire article, I suggest you try promo code "IREADITALL" at check-out for a little treat from us to you.

- 901 Collection