What a first two weeks!

When we launched this project late in the evening of September 25th, we really didn't know if people would feel as passionately about this idea - and these designs - as we do. The response has been overwhelming! Thanks to you, we've already been able to raise more than $500 to support local charities such as Memphis Paws and Urban Bicycle Food Ministry. We have also gotten a chance to meet so many of you at BreakFEST and Best Memphis Burger Fest, and seeing your enthusiasm for what 901 Collection is about has strengthened our belief in what we're doing here. 

One of the great - but also challenging - side-effects of this early success is that we can barely keep inventory to meet the demand. Many of you have placed orders this week that have yet to be shipped, and we are as anxious as you are to get these shirts into your hands. We expect to have all of our designs restocked in all sizes (except the 2XL and 3XL pre-order only sizes) by Wednesday, and will get them turned around and shipped out within 24-hours. 

We appreciate your support and patience with our growing business, and for your shared love of all things Memphis. 

- 901 Collection